Petition: End the Welsh Labour Government's 20mph Policy

The Welsh Government has lowered the default speed limit in built-up areas from 30mph to 20mph. I oppose this policy, which will damage North Wales’s economy and fail to improve road safety and air quality.

I believe that most Welsh people are unhappy or unaware of this change, which was forced through without proper consultation or evidence. Since its implementation, my office has been contacted numerous times by residents who are concerned with various aspects of the change.

The 30mph limit has been the national standard since 1935 and is part of the Highway Code for Great Britain. Our roads are very safe thanks to high design and technology standards.

I agree that some places need 20mph zones, such as near schools and hospitals. But these should be clearly marked and enforced, and not applied as the default for residential roads.

This policy also creates inconsistency at the border with England. Sometimes, the border is not marked or splits streets in half. This means that the Highway Code does not apply equally across Britain.

The Welsh Government says this policy will cost £32.5m, which is a waste of money that could be used for better purposes. There is no proof that this policy will reduce accidents or pollution. It could increase congestion and frustration instead.

I urge you to support my campaign to overturn this policy and restore the 30mph limit in Wales. This is fair and sensible for all road users in Wales and beyond.

Welsh Government 20mph Petition