HSBC Bank Closures

UPDATE: 29th March 2016

Simon recently spoke at the Welsh Conservative conference in Llangollen, where he brought national attention to the HSBC closures in Chirk and Ruabon.
Simon has also recently sent out another update to all 700 banking survey respondents, informing them of recent developments between himself and HSBC.
In the update, Simon put's forward his analysis of those who returned the banking survey, which highlights to HSBC, the collective concerns such closures will have on our constituency.

You can view the update by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: 22nd January 2016

Simon Baynes secures commitment by HSBC to attend Chirk Town Council and Ruabon Community Council meetings.


Simon Baynes, Welsh Conservative Assembly Candidate for Clwyd South, met with representatives of HSBC yesterday who agreed to Simon’s suggestion that the bank should attend Chirk Town Council and Ruabon Community Council meetings to discuss the branch closures.


The meeting with HSBC yesterday was also attended by County Cllr Joan Lowe (Penycae and Ruabon South) and County Cllr Terry Evans (Chirk South) and the depth of concern of the two communities about the branch closures was strongly communicated to the bank.


The meeting also focused on discussing the 30 key questions raised by people who attended the recent Public Meetings in Chirk and Ruabon and by over 350 residents who replied to Simon Baynes’ Community Banking Survey (the questions are attached to this Press Release). HSBC said that they are going to provide more detailed answers to the 30 questions and, in particular, agreed that more work needs to be done on ensuring a robust service offering from the Post Office.


Simon Baynes said:

“I am pleased that HSBC immediately agreed to attend the Chirk Town Council and Ruabon Community Council meetings, hopefully on Wednesday next week. In a difficult situation like this, it is extremely important that local residents and businesses have as much opportunity as possible to express their concerns and ask questions.


HSBC now has the 30 key questions about the branch closures which were raised at the two recent Public Meetings and we look forward to their detailed answers to these questions.


Full, open and transparent communication is vital and I would urge people to contact the bank directly with their concerns. You can email Martin Lyons (Area Director, Business Banking for North Wales) on or ring Nikki Sears (Wrexham Branch Manager) on 03455 847024.  If you have problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me on and 07880786573 and I will contact HSBC on your behalf.”



UPDATE: 8th January 2016



Simon Baynes, and a team of local helpers distributed 1,500 copies of their Residents’ Survey on Community Banking in Chirk and Ruabon today. Demand from shops, local businesses and residents was very strong for the surveys and shows the depth of concern in the communities about the HSBC branch closures.

Simon is working with local residents concerned about the branch closures, such as Lynne Hughes in Chirk who has the shop M.G.Hughes Fruit & Veg on Church Street, and Simon has helped organise two public meetings next week:


Chirk on Thursday 14th January at 7pm at the Parish Hall, Chirk, LL14 5NA.

Ruabon on Friday 15th January at 7pm – Saint Mary's Church and Community Hall, Ruabon, LL14 6LE.


Simon said:

Our Residents Survey on Community Banking in Chirk and Ruabon provides an opportunity for the community to show how important the banks are to their daily lives. There was huge demand for the surveys today and local residents, shops and businesses in both communities are very concerned about the banks’ closures. The Surveys come with a Freepost envelope for their return to us and we will communicate the results to HSBC. The survey can also be filled in on my website" [see below]

"We are pleased to be working with people locally in both communities in organising these public meetings which will give an opportunity to local residents and businesses to express their worries. We are inviting HSBC to both meetings and hope that representatives can be present next week or on a future occasion to hear their customers’ concerns, many of whom have been loyal and longstanding clients of the bank."




On the 6th January 2016, HSBC announced that it was to close it's branches in Chirk and Ruabon.

Simon Baynes, the Welsh Conservative Assembly Candidate for Clwyd South, has expressed his severe disappointment at HSBC’s announcement of their intention to close their branches in Chirk and Ruabon.

HSBC has announced that they intend to close both branches in Chirk and Ruabon on 8th April, with the Bank claiming that both branches have become unviable and no longer generate the custom needed to justify their continued operation. HSBC intends to further develop its internet and mobile facilities.

Simon said:

"The closure of the HSBC banks in Chirk and Ruabon is a big blow to both towns. I am really disappointed by these decisions particularly as these branches are the last banks in the communities. 

Bank branches like these are very important to everyone locally, particularly elderly customers, the disadvantaged and local businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses.

It is vital that HSBC make it a top priority to discuss new arrangements with their customers, particularly the elderly, and to lessen the impact of this decision as far as possible if the bank decides to go ahead with these proposals.

Many people locally have been loyal customers for many years and I hope that HSBC will think again before closing these branches.


Please keep checking this page as it will be updated with further news as it developments.