Simon Baynes MP shows support for farmers and Welsh food in Clwyd South

Member of Parliament for Clwyd South, Simon Baynes MP, has today shown support for Welsh and British food and farming on Back British Farming Day, recognising the crucial role farmers in Clwyd South play in producing food for the nation.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) provided MPs with the emblem of the day - a wool and wheatsheaf pin badge – to enable them to join the celebration of British agriculture. Food and farming is a key business sector, worth more than £120 billion to the national economy and providing jobs for almost four million people.

The NFU chose the day to launch a new report which asks for Government to complete a comprehensive report on UK food security later this year, covering the country’s production of key foods and its contribution to global food security. This would be the first meaningful assessment of UK food security in over a decade and the first under the requirements of the Agriculture Act that mandate reporting every three years.

Commenting, Simon Baynes MP, said:

“I’m proud to wear a Back British Farming pin badge today to show my support for Britain’s fantastic farmers and growers here in Clwyd South and the rest of North Wales. The day presents a great opportunity to thank the farmers who feed us, as well as take care of our countryside and maintain our iconic Welsh and British landscapes.

“I fully support the Back British Farming campaign which is asking us all to value British food. I will be supporting the UK Government in adopting agricultural policies which ensure farming in Clwyd South can thrive and ensure our self-sufficiency does not fall below its current level of 60%, alongside a greater ambition of promoting Welsh and British food at home and abroad to aid UK food security.”